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My Clients

Who I’ve Worked With

I love having the opportunity to partner with talented industry members to create inspiring works of art. Throughout my career as a professional Videographer, I have worked with clients from all walks of life on a variety of projects. Take a look at some of my valued partners below, and read about our work together.



Professional Collaboration

I have worked with Hexa on several projects. The chemistry was there from the start, and I felt right away that they shared my vision and work ethic. If you’d like to hear more about our work together, get in touch.



Lasting Relationship

From our very first day on the set, it was clear that Targo shares my passion for storytelling and attention to detail. Working with them was always an enjoyable experience, and I never felt that my artistic freedom was being compromised.


Cory and Candice

Creative Synergy

Cory & Candice got married

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